Urgent Dermcare News

Hi our esteemed dermcare users,

We ran into a technical issue with our last app update posted on December 24th 2019 (Version 1. 0. 0. 41) on the stores. Users that installed this version might have to re send your previous messages earlier sent to doctors/patients.

We sincerely apologize for this mix up as this was due to our engineer unknowingly switching the live API server information for the test API server information on updates 1. 0. 0 . 41 to 1. 0 . 0. 42. The current version on the store fixes this problem.

In the mean time, the affected users would be forced to update their app to the latest version

We are also working to recover the messages sent during this time to individual phones.

Please try to resend messages to your doctors if they have not responded yet because it is possible they or you were in the faulty app version.

Dermcare Team

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